Youthless’ New Website!

Welcome to Youthless’ new website! There’s a whole load of posts from our old blog down there ↓↓↓↓↓ to re-acquaint yourselves with what we were up to… and there’ll be plenty of new stuff coming along soon to let you know about what’s about to happen.

Also, if you pop your email in the box up there ↑→ on the homepage, you’ll be literally the first people to hear about new Youthless releases, gigs and merchandise – plus we’ll chuck free mp3s your way!

And that’s a literal use of the word ‘literally’. Literally.


Starting next Monday we’ll be doing a week of acoustic covers of some of our favorite tunes on Henrique Amarro’s program Portugalia. Listen in at 3pm and 10pm mon-thur or check out the podcast (

set list:

(March 8th)
Harvest Moon – Neil Young
Strawberry Fields – The Beatles
Get Off My Cloud – The Rolling Stones

(March 9th)
Strawberry Letter 23
Debora -T.REX
That’s Entertainment – The Jam
We’re going to be friends -The White Stripes

(March 10th)
Sugar Kane- Sonic Youth
Wolf Like Me -TVOTR
Butterfly -Weezer

(March 11th)
Jezebel -Iron and Wine
In my Life – The Beatles
Hooting and Hollering -Wild Beasts
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) -Talking Heads

2 shows in 1 night

We’re playing 2 shows this Thur night. One at Old Blue Last for the VICE issue launch party and then a semi-acoustic set at an after party at Speedie’s retro store (23h) at 81 Redchurch st. (5 min walk from Old Blue Last) where there will be cheap booze galore and lots of cool stuff you’ll wish you hadn’t thrown out in 1989. Come!